The base unit provides the core functionality of IMBALite, IMBAPlus and IMBAPro containing all the code modules necessary to perform basic internal dosimetry calculations. It implements biokinetic and dosimetric models which are recommended by the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) and are consistent with the methodology described in ICRP Publication 60 and ICRP Publication 68 for the Reference Worker.

IMBA® is available in three standard versions, IMBALite, IMBAPlus and IMBAPro, A summary of the functionality and cost of these new standard versions is shown in the table.


Base unit + IMBALite functionality + IMBAPlus functionality +
Additional Radionuclides (Pack 1) Multiple Intake Regimes Errors on Intake
Additional Radionuclides (Pack 2) Multiple Bioassay Types Bayes Implementation
Associated Radionuclides Tritium Tool
Uranium Mixtures Compensation Type Calculations
Uptake from Wounds Ingrowth of Americium
Statistics Package
Candu Models
£2,300 + VAT £4,600 + VAT £6,900 + VAT


An option to buy online will be implemented soon


For further information on the additional functionality within IMBAPlus and IMBAPro please click here (coming soon)


Upgrades from previous versions of IMBA

The cost of upgrades from previous versions of IMBA® Professional Plus can be calculated using the formula (cost of new licence cost of previous licence) + £500. Where the cost of the previous licence exceeds that of the new licence the only charge will be a flat £500 administration fee.



UKHSA also provide training for IMBA. Please contact us for more information.