UKHSA plays a major role in assisting the UK response to any radiation or nuclear emergency. UKHSA's Radiation Emergency Preparedness Service has a wealth of experience in preparing for and responding to radiation emergencies.

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UKHSA's Radiation Emergency Preparedness Service provide a range of radiation emergency related consultancy, training and research and development services to government, industry and others.

  • Leading providerAs the UK's primary authority on radiation emergencies, we train hundreds of people every year in many aspects of radiation emergency preparedness.
  • ConsultancyA wide range of consultancy services related to radiation emergency preparedness provided.
  • Delivered by specialists UKHSA makes a significant investment in its people and prides itself that this is repaid in the quality of the service it delivers.

  • Training coursesStandard radiation awareness courses or specialist courses created individually and delivered on a private basis at any UK venue.
  • Book directly onlineOur easy to use website shows all our courses with full details, locations and prices making booking simple.
  • Your accountManage you courses directly online, see bookings old and new along with helpful information to about your courses.

  • CustomersFrom specialist scientists to those who have no previous experience, training course attendees come to us from a range of organisations.