UKHSA experience and advice to resolve complex regulatory challenges

UK-wide businesses with responsibility for radioactive substances are required to conform to a complex range of regulations, many of which differ between Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales. One example from very many is the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2010 in England and Wales which do not apply in Scotland, where amendments to the Radioactive Substances Act apply instead.

Meeting changing business demands

Equally challenging are changes that require an increase in the range of radionuclides to be measured or increased measurement sensitivity to inform waste disposal. Frequently such a requirement is created by a business change - requiring re-characterisation of a formerly well-known waste stream and the re-evaluation of established sample disposal routes. However complex the technical challenge, you can depend on UKHSA's expertise and resources to support your business demands.

Meeting legal requirements

For every organisation with responsibility for the safe use of radioactive substances, UKHSA have the facilities, expertise and experience to provide dependable consultancy, advice and comprehensive, high quality services to meet changing needs, regulatory and business demands.

Increasing business competitiveness

In addition we also provide custom analysis services to supplement, reduce or overcome the need for in-house services, wherever it can be seen to significantly reduce business costs.