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UK Health Security Agency offers radiation safety training for customers throughout industry, research and teaching. Whether you want to develop your own understanding or train your workforce, UKHSA will help you achieve your goals.

Learn about all aspects of radiation safety when and where it suits you: our portfolio of face -face and online courses run throughout the year.

Coming Soon - Toolbox Talks
Toolbox Talks are a set of presentation slides and notes that are designed to raise awareness of the radiation that is used in your workplace. They are to be used by the radiation protection supervisor (RPS) who will have already received RPS training, which we also offer below.

Upcoming Courses

6 Sep 2022 1 day Online
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27-29 Sep 2022 3 days Online
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4-6 Oct 2022 3 days Online
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15-17 Nov 2022 3 days Online
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21-24 Nov 2022 4 days Online
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29-30 Nov 2022 2 days Chilton
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