What services do our Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers provide?

Our Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser services are always tailored to meet your specific needs. Even if your organisation is not legally required to appoint one, you may choose this service for the range and quality of advice and help available, beginning with a Compliance Audit.

Our Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser Service helps with:

  • Direct advice to management on legal and other matters
  • Site visits by a Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser to review the existing standards of regulatory compliance
  • Development of procedures and emergency arrangements for transport
  • Legislation advice
  • Comprehensive dangerous goods safety audit
  • Dangerous goods identification and classification
  • Packaging, tank provisions and labelling
  • Consignment procedures, including documentation and vehicle marking
  • Safety data sheet preparation
  • Dangerous goods carriage, loading, unloading and handling, safe working practices
  • Vehicle crew selection, equipment, operation and documentation
  • Dangerous goods safety training

Compliance Audit

We provide a compliance audit to establish whether dangerous goods regulations apply to an organisation's operations. We provide a comprehensive audit and report to establish the organisational impact of the regulations.

PHE Consultancy services

Our services are specifically designed to comprehensively meet the requirements of the dangerous goods regulations. This service is for all companies needing the ongoing services of a qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser. Key services include:

  • At least one visit by a qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser to the company in each contract year
  • An annual report of company activities for that year, including recommendations
  • Immediate support at any incident or accident involving transport
  • Ongoing support according to the organisation's needs

PHE Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser services: Assured compliance

The regulations relating to the transport of dangerous goods are highly specialised. UKHSA believe the nature of these regulations warrants a detailed understanding of transport legislation and associated legislation.

The Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser's duties are often complex and time consuming. Contracting out the responsibility to UKHSA is a cost-effective, simple and assured route to compliance with all dangerous goods transport legislation.