We provide bespoke and off-the-shelf software for assessing the impact of both routine and accidental discharges to the environment. Our bespoke software ranges from spreadsheets to more complex applications, tailored to our customers' requirements.

Our off-the-shelf software applications are PC CREAM 08® and PACE.

PC-CREAM 08 Radiological Impact Assessment Software

PC CREAM 08® is a tool for assessing the radiological impact of routine, continuous discharges of radionuclides. It estimates individual and collective doses arising from discharges to atmosphere, rivers and marine environments and is useful for prospective assessments as a key input to discharge authorisations.

PACE Probabilistic Accident Consequence Evaluation Software

PACE performs probabilistic assessments of the off-site consequences of accidental releases of radioactive material to atmosphere. It can estimate probability distributions of individual and collective doses, health effects, protective actions and the cost of disruption to agriculture, industry and society.