IMBA® Lite, Plus and Pro Software Package

IMBA® Lite, Plus and Pro consists of a Base Unit, and a range of options which increase functionality.


IMBA® Lite, Plus and Pro

  • Base Unit: enables the user to (a) assess an intake from bioassay measurement data; (b) calculate bioassay quantities at different times from a specified intake; (c) calculate equivalent organ doses and effective dose from a single intake.
  • Additional Radionuclides (Pack 1) implements the 62 frequently requested additional radionuclides.
  • Additional Radionuclides (Pack 2) implements a further 603 additional radionuclides.

IMBA® Plus and Pro only

  • Multiple Intake Regimes enables the user to deal with up to 10 separate intake regimes simultaneously.
  • Multiple Bioassay Types enables the user to fit the intake to different bioassay types simultaneously
  • Associated Radionuclides enables the user to specify up to 30 additional associated radionuclides, defining the amount of each with respect to the indicator radionuclide.
  • Uranium Mixtures enables the user to specify a mixture of uranium isotopes (U-234, U-235, U-236 and U-238) for dose and bioassay calculations.
  • Uptake from wounds enables the user to deal with intakes from a wound site.

IMBA® Pro only

  • Errors on intake - in cases where an intake is being estimated from bioassay data, and all of the data are assumed to be normally distributed with a specified standard deviation, then this Add-On will propagate the errors to calculate their contribution to the error in the estimate of intake.
  • Bayes Implementation enables the user to use a Bayesian approach to estimate an intake.
  • Tritium Tool enables the user to select up to 10 previous tritium measurements, and to fit simultaneously the best 10 intakes.
  • Compensation Type Calculations enables the user to select an organ, and a date on which cancer was diagnosed in the organ.
  • Ingrowth of Americium enables the user to take ingrowth into account automatically when performing calculations.
  • Statistics Package enables the user to bring up useful statistical information immediately after fitting intakes to measurement data.
  • CANDU models implements chemical forms of hydrogen and carbon that occur in CANDU type reactors using models that are currently recommended by COG (CANDU Owners Group) in Canada.
  • Requirements

    • A PC based system running Windows 7 and 10, 64-bit
    • 200 Mb of free disk space

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