Training and supporting you in your professional development

NADP Training are strongly committed to our role as a key provider of biosafety and applied microbiology training in the UK and internationally. Our training courses prepare and support individuals and organisations involved in a wide range of disciplines; the majority of delegates are science or biosafety professionals, but have also included delegates from disciplines as diverse as architects to emergency services.

Whether you want to develop your own understanding, train your workforce, ensure you comply with the latest legislation or want to refresh your skills, NADP Training can help you achieve your goals.


There is a requirement under "The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974" and "The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999" that employers must provide adequate instruction, training and information when employees work with hazards in the workplace. NADP Training will highlight the hazards and risks associated with laboratory work, train delegates how to follow best microbiological practice and teach specific skills such as how to use Microbiological Safety Cabinets or deal with accidents and emergencies. Sufficient and appropriate training is also essential for managers of microbiology laboratories to ensure current and up to date practices and policies are in place and that staff follow best practices.

The courses are designed to discuss strategies to protect workers from hazards in the laboratory and highlight the importance of following practices and procedures. Rehearsal of accident and emergency scenarios can increase staff confidence to respond appropriately to accidental exposure to infectious material or other emergencies. We can discuss a variety of strategies to safeguard laboratory workers against infection and prevent release of pathogen from the laboratory to suit your laboratory facilities. Peer review of laboratory safety can increase staff reassurance that they are appropriately protected.

Previous delegates experiences

Previous delegates have cited various reasons for attending our courses which include:

  • Recommended by auditing/inspection authorities
  • To maintain compliance with current legislation
  • To ensure staff competence
  • Refresher training after absence from the laboratory for a period of time
  • New member of staff
  • Have new responsibilities so want to increase their knowledge
  • To develop understanding
  • To network with peers and have an opportunity to exchange ideas, problems and solutions
  • Taking over as Deputy for a Containment Level (CL)3 suite and would therefore like guidance on CL3 work and control of a CL3 laboratory
  • To ensure specialist training in capacity as a H&S Adviser
  • To learn how to work with Hazard Group 3 (HG3) organisms in a safe and responsible way, also resulting in a more confident way of working

Post Course Comments

Following our courses, previous delegates have said:

  • The staff were very helpful and the content of the course was well balanced and will help in the setting up and the management of our Containment Level 3 laboratory
  • The whole module was of great benefit to developing my new career and it is great having the contact details of where to turn for help
  • Since returning from the course last month I have been able to deal with so many queries and offer solutions to issues thanks to the valuable information we were taught