There are different ways to find the Radon Potential for an address or area of land.

These use the full radon data set of 25 metre x 25 metre squares

Individual address searches (with valid postcode)
Suitable for homes and small workplaces no larger than 25 metres in any direction. The search is available on this website for a fee of £3.90. More information and to order the search.

Smart phone or tablet app
You can order a radon search on a chosen location via the British Geological Survey iGeology application for around £4. British Geological Survey

Large buildings and land
British Geological Survey also provide a search service covering larger areas. The fee for each search is around £50. British Geological Survey

Local Authorities and Environmental Search Companies
Some other organisations are licensed to use the definitive radon data set in their search services.

These use data grouped by area or postcode

Indicative Maps
These show the worst level of radon potential for every 1 kilometre square and can be downloaded free

Postcode List Assessment - indicative search
This is a cost effective way to complete a radon potential assessment against a large number of properties at one time. The fee is based on the number of addresses. More information

Radon potential band (%) General risk Affected area? Test advised? Building Control Regulations?
England & Wales Scotland Northern Ireland
0 - 1 Low No No# No# No# No#
1 - 3 Medium Yes Yes No# Yes - Stage 1 Yes - Zone 1
3 - 5 Medium Yes Yes Yes - Basic Yes - Stage 1 Yes - Zone 1
5 -10 Medium Yes Yes Yes - Basic Yes - Stage 1 Yes - Zone 1
10 - 30 High Yes Yes Yes - Full Yes - Stage 2 Yes - Zone 2
Over 30 High Yes Yes Yes - Full Yes - Stage 2 Yes - Zone 2

# Testing existing buildings and fitting radon prevention in new buildings might still be considered, particularly if there is a high risk location such as a routinely occupied basement.