Our Radiation Protection Supervisor Courses

RPS - General
A course for RPSs and others with responsibility for supervising radiation protection in industry, research and teaching. Topics covered include the principles of radiation and radiation protection; the requirements of IRR17 and the various radioactive substances legislation; and the role of the RPS including dealing with emergencies. An optional written assessment is included at the end of the course.
RPS - X-Rays
A course aimed at RPSs supervising x-radiation hazards in any workplace, including industrial and medical sectors.
RPS - Radon
A course for RPSs supervising compliance with the Ionising Radiations Regulations 2017 in workplaces (including underground spaces) affected by Radon gas.
RPS - Refresher
A course for those who have previously received RPS training but feel they need to refresh or update their knowledge and skills.
RPS - Veterinary Practice
Focussing on the role of the RPS in relation to diagnostic veterinary radiography. Suitable for veterinary surgeons, practice managers or senior nurses.

Dental Professionals and the Dental Trade

RPS - Dental Practice
A course covering both worker and patient protection in relation to diagnostic radiography in dental practice. Appropriate for practice RPSs, those attending may claim 6 points of verifiable CPD.
RPS - Dental Trade
Focussing on the radiation safety aspects of installing, servicing and commissioning dental x-ray equipment and the role of the RPS during this work. Engineers using DXPS test packs are required to attend this course, and the associated half-day seminar.

Radiation Awareness and Further training

Radiation Safety - Sealed Sources and X-rays
A practical radiation safety course focusing on sealed radioactive sources and X-ray generators. The course is aimed at users of these radiation sources which are commonly used for level and thickness gauging, bore-hole logging, security and food screening, laboratory X-ray analytical studies and "Positive Materials Identification" (PMI). Topics covered include the effects of exposure and risks in perspective, key legal requirements and practical skills such as radiation monitoring and dealing with emergencies."
Radiation Safety - Open Sources
A practical radiation safety course for anyone working with open (unsealed) radioactive sources including liquid radioisotopes and Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM). Topics covered include the nature of radioactivity, health effects and risk in perspective, record-keeping and other administrative requirements, waste disposal and practical radiation protection, including monitoring techniques and contamination control.
Radiation Safety for Managers
For those who have some responsibility for radiation safety but little background knowledge of the subject. Emphasis is on regulatory requirements and the management of radiation safety in the workplace. This course is ideally suited to employers, managers and health and safety personnel.
Coming Soon - Toolbox Talks
Toolbox Talks are a set of presentation slides and notes that are designed to raise awareness of the radiation that is used in your workplace. They are to be used by the radiation protection supervisor (RPS) who will have already received RPS training, which we also offer.