Our course "Radiation Protection in Dental Practice" is ideal for dentists, senior nurses and practice managers. The programme covers both patient and worker exposure and addresses the training requirements given in both IRMER and IRR17. Practice Radiation Protection Supervisors (RPSs) will find this course valuable.

Those completing the course may claim five hours of verifiable CPD in radiation protection.

Details of this course can be found on the DXPS website

Dental x-ray engineers

Engineers installing dental x-ray equipment must be adequately trained:

  • to fulfill the role of RPS during equipment installation;
  • to perform the required checks and measurements on newly installed equipment; and
  • to understand their employers' responsibilities as equipment supplier / installer.
An inital RPS course and a refresher course are available. Engineers using PHE's equipment test pack service are required to attend these courses.

Training in the radiation safety aspects of surgery design is also available, usually on a private basis.

Details of these courses can be found on the DXPS website

Veterinary Practice

IRR17 requires veterinary practices carrying out diagnostic radiography, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy to appoint a Radiation Protection Supervisor who understands:

  • the nature of the radiation hazard
  • the precautions to be taken
  • what to do in the event of an incident

We offer a one day course for RPSs responsible for diagnostic x-radiography on or off-site, at both small and large animal practices . Training for those involved in nuclear medicine and radiotherapy is also available; please contact us for details.