Equipment use

We invest in our facilities to ensure our science continues at the forefront of research. Many of our resources, equipment and even advice can be provided to external organisations.

Some of our facilities include:

  • sources for ionizing radiation, EMF and UV effect studies
  • low dose cell culture irradiator with controlled oxygen environment
  • UK ionizing radiation worker cohorts
  • High throughput sequencing and genomic array platforms
  • Cell culture facilities
  • Flow cytometry and cell sorting capabilities
  • A range of highly accurate gene expression tools
  • Cytogenetic suite with customized microscopy
  • Unique access to internal dosimetry
  • Analytical chemistry - GC-MS, ICP-MS, LC-MS
  • Radiochemical facilities allowing handling of α, β and γ emitters
  • Radionuclide counting and spectrometry
  • Environmental sampling
  • Air pollution modelling capability

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As well as a wealth technical laboratories and facilities, we also have an impressive training centre which is available for hire.

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