The Dose Estimate software was created to aid cytogeneticists to apply the statistical methods, recommended in the cytogenetic biodosimetry manual (IAEA, 2011), to fit calibration curves and calculate doses with cytogenetic data. A number of tools are included in the package:

  • Dose estimation (Poisson distribution testing, dose and uncertainty estimation for acute or protracted exposures, calculation of odds ratios and minimum detectable dose);
  • Partial body dose estimation (Qdr or Contaminated Poisson method)
  • Criticality dose calculator
  • Curve fitting (Poisson distribution testing and iteratively reweighted least squared fitting, for linear or quadratic curves for chromosome aberration data)
  • Other useful comparative statistics, including the Chi2 test for one degree of freedom

All actions carried out in a Dose Estimate session are stored on a 'Case Report' which can be saved, and fitted curves can be stored within the programme registry for ease of access later on. The software currently only runs on Windows.

How to obtain the software

Laboratories or individuals interested in obtaining an evaluation copy of the software should contact us.


Ainsbury EA and Lloyd DC. Dose estimation software for radiation biodosimetry. Health Phys. 2010 Feb;98(2):290-5. doi: 10.1097/01.HP.0000346305.84577.b4.