UKHSA Chromosome Dosimetry Service staff have a wealth of experience in provision of tailored training to individuals wishing to learn about biological dosimetry.

Specialist staff can provide laboratory training in implementation of biological dosimetry techniques to individuals of all levels (beginners through to skilled academic partners), training in statistical analysis methods and use of appropriate software tools, use of the methods for emergency response (through the RENEB network), and use of cytogenetic biomarkers for research.

How do I arrange training?

Training courses can be created individually and delivered to meet your schedule. This approach is particularly effective where discussion on company-specific issues is the focus of the training. Training can be delivered onsite to minimise service disruption through staff downtime and can be delivered where training completion is business critical.

Arranging tailored training is straightforward. We will work with you and confirm details to make sure you get exactly the training you plan for. Call or email us and outline what you need. We will work with you to develop a unique course that addresses your specific needs.