Body Monitoring Service

The body monitoring service at the UK Health Security Agency, Radiation, Chemical and Environmental Hazards Directorate (UKHSA RCE) has a range of systems to measure radionuclides within the body using detectors positioned outside the body. Radionuclides may enter the body by inhalation, ingestion or contamination of a wound.


RCE systems are suitable for measurement of radionuclides which emit low energy as well as higher energy photons (e.g. americium-241, caesium-137, cobalt-60).


Types of monitoring offered include:

  • Standard whole body monitoring following a suspected intake of a radioactive substance
  • Before and after whole body monitoring, for instances where there is a known potential for exposure. The before measurement acts as a baseline against which the after measurement can be compared
  • Specific organ monitoring, e.g. lungs, liver
  • Bespoke wound monitoring.

Enquiries from industry are welcome. However, requests from private individuals will be considered only after referral by a GP or hospital consultant.

For more information on body monitoring services at UKHSA RCE please email