As part of a formal contract, MEG provides independent advice and support to enforcing authorities in the UK in relation to IR(ME)R, radiological practice and radiation protection. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Provision of advice on IR(ME)R radiation protection regulatory matters
  • Provision of IR(ME)R training for inspection teams
  • Support in the production of IR(ME)R inspection tools
  • Supporting the response to significant accidental or unintended exposures

Clinical site visits (CSV)

Bespoke on-site advice and support can be delivered through CSV, which are arranged upon request from clinical departments in the NHS and independent sector. The focus of the visit is determined by the departments' individual needs. The patient pathway is reviewed in relation to IR(ME)R legislation and national guidance on best practice. CSV also provide a means to deliver key safety messages to all those involved in clinical practice in each of the disciplines.

Terms of reference are agreed with the clinical site. Associated work might include review of key documents, time spent at site observing clinical procedures, discussions with the multi-disciplinary team and provision of a formal report on findings.

Following a CSV, clinical departments will have a clear idea on how they can improve patient safety and process efficiencies within the context of IR(ME)R and build on existing high-quality practice.

A summary of work completed in radiotherapy is available in Learning from the past 10 years of the Radiotherapy Clinical Site Visit.

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