Our facilities perform approximately six-thousand regulatory annual tests including a number carried out at customers' premises. We provide a comprehensive, high quality, fast turn-round testing service for a wide range of monitors and dosemeters. Our experts have in-depth knowledge and experience of a wide range of radiation protection instrumentation, ensuring thorough testing is always carried out.

For some instruments and uses it is important to test using a wide range of radiation types and energies in order to comply with the recommendations of NPL Good Practice Guide (GPG) 14 and GPG113. Examples include instruments used to measure neutron, beta and low energy X-ray dose rates.

We offer an extensive range of facilities including: an X-ray facility providing a full range of ISO filtered X-ray qualities, a number of gamma exposure cells, a beta secondary standard facility unique to the UK, and a neutron facility. The service is a one-stop shop for all radiation instrument testing and development.

Additional Services

We can also provide a range of additional services, including: Energy compensation of x and gamma detectors, instrument design and development, type-testing, test before first use and design of bespoke monitoring system
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