In addition to the services delivered by the Medical Exposures Group (MEG) in UKHSA, the Radiotherapy team work to provide support to the radiotherapy community in improving patient safety. This work is supported by UKHSA and the Patient Safety in Radiotherapy Steering Group.

A series of presentations have been developed to support radiotherapy healthcare professionals in learning from radiotherapy errors so these events might be mitigated in the future.

1. Introduction to learning from radiotherapy errors and near miss events (RTE)
Here we introduce the development of a national reporting and learning system for radiotherapy

2. Radiotherapy error terminology and taxonomies
Here we introduce the nationally agreed terminology used with describing incidents and the taxonomies or coding system used to categorise RTE

3. Application of RTE taxonomies
Here we share how the taxonomies should be applied to RTE reports

4. Learning from analysis
Here we share examples of the type of analysis that can be done on RTE reports to maximise learning opportunities

5. Study of risk of accidental or unintended exposures
Here we explore the requirement and methodology for a study of risk of accidental or unintended exposures. We look at how RTE data can be used to inform this process and share a worked example.

More presentations will be added to this page shortly.

2 - RTE terminology and taxonomies

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3 - Application of RTE taxonomies

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4 - Learning from analysis

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Bespoke IR(ME)R training packages

Bespoke IR(ME)R training packages can be developed upon request. For further information please Contact us.