Courses include a combination of presentations, demonstrations and exercises. Discussion and interaction are always encouraged; lunch times and breaks are a great opportunity to chat with fellow students and presenters.

Training notes are available which include the presentation overheads and the exercise questions and answers. Details of the models used are not included in the training notes as these are available from HPA-RPD-058 - The Methodology for Assessing the Radiological Consequences of Routine Releases of Radionuclides to the Environment Used in PC-CREAM 08
All students who complete a course receive an attendance certificate.


Scheduled courses

The scheduled courses are normally run at our purpose built training centre in Chilton (Oxfordshire) although UKHSA also has facilities in Leeds and Glasgow. Each day usually begins at about 9am and ends at around 5pm, with buffet lunch and tea/coffee provided.


Customised courses

Courses are generally held at the UKHSA's CRCE training centre at Chilton however we will consider providing training at our training facilities located in Leeds and Glasgow or at a venue of your choice. We will also consider tailoring the course to your specific needs.