PC-CREAM®; is used by many organisations responsible for the management and control of discharges of radionuclides to the environment. The previous version of the software (PC-CREAM 98) was used extensively throughout Europe and User Group meetings were held to discuss issues and present case studies (NRPB-R309).

The new version of the software PC-CREAM 08®; has been available since September 2009 since when both single and multiple user licences have been sold to regulators, operators and consultancies both within Europe and worldwide.

Many users are applying the system to potential discharges from proposed new nuclear reactors planned for the UK. In addition, the UKHSA is using the software to assess collective doses arising from discharges of naturally occurring radionuclides into the region of the North Sea as a result of the activities of the oil and gas industry. The software has also been sold to small users such as universities.

Industries where PC-CREAM may be used:

  • Hospitals, universities and other 'small users'
  • NORM industries
  • Nuclear power production
  • Nuclear fuel cycle