Custom training courses

PC-CREAM 08®; training courses can be created individually and delivered to meet your schedule. This approach is particularly effective for a large number of students or where discussion on bespoke application of the software is the focus of the training.

How do I arrange a customised course?

Arranging a custom course is straightforward. Custom courses can be delivered onsite to minimise disruption through staff downtime and where PC-CREAM 08®;training completion is project critical.

Call or email us and outline how you use PC-CREAM 08®;, the training you want us to plan for you and your preferred timeframe. We will work with you to develop the course and provide full course support material. We will arrange venue and hospitality or fit in with arrangements you make.

The PC-CREAM 08®;course is VAT free

We're a recognised training and education organisation. This means we can offer this PC-CREAM 08®; course VAT free.