UKHSA is the UK's primary authority carrying out research to advance the knowledge about protection from the risks of radiation. Our Environmental Radiological Assessment Services provides a range of consultancy, research and development services, training and software products to industry, government and others.

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  • Leading providerAs the UK's primary authority on radiation protection, we provide advice and assessments to a wide range of customers.
  • Comprehensive adviceExpert guidance on strategies for emergency response and recovery following nuclear accidents and radiation incidents, radiological impact assessments of past, present and future discharges and disposals to the environment and the transport of radioactive material.
  • Delivered by specialists UKHSA makes a significant investment in its people and prides itself that this is repaid in the quality of the service it delivers.

  • ConsultancyA wide range of consultancy services related to environmental radiological assessments provided.
  • SoftwareWe can provide and develop modelling tools to assess the impact of accidental and planned releases of radioactivity.
  • TrainingOur specialist staff provide training in doing radiological assessments and using software tools such as PC-CREAM and PACE. Training courses created individually and delivered on a private basis at any UK or overseas venue.

  • Customers Experience of working for UK and EU government organisations, environment agencies, waste producers and management companies, the nuclear industry and international organisations.
  • Quality AssuranceOur work comes under Quality Management Standards ISO 9001:2008