The Medical Exposures Group (MEG) in UKHSA is tasked with improving patient safety in medical exposures, and works in partnership with a range of stakeholders across the UK to facilitate a multi-disciplinary approach to contemporary patient safety issues.

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  • Leading providerAs the UK's primary authority on radiation protection, we advise thousands of customers.
  • Delivered by specialists UKHSA makes a significant investment in its people and prides itself that this is repaid in the quality of the service it delivers.
  • Experience A multi-disciplinary group of clinically trained and experienced staff from each of the radiological modalities: Diagnostic Imaging (DI), Nuclear Medicine (NM) and Radiotherapy (RT).

  • Publication of advice and guidance Liaison with government agencies and international bodies to improve patient safety. Liaison with professional organisations to ensure consistency in guidance published nationally and locally, facilitating a multi-disciplinary approach to contemporary patient safety issues.
  • IR(ME)R Provision of independent advice and support to enforcing authorities in the UK in relation to the Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations (IR(ME)R), radiological practice and radiation protection.
  • Committee work Chair and secretariat to the Medical Radiation Liaison Group (MRLG) on behalf of DHSC. The remit of the MRLG is to support the coordination of efforts of different authorities with responsibilities for safe use and handling of ionising radiation (from medical and non-medical exposures using medical radiological equipment) within the UK regulatory framework for safety.