UKHSA has long been at the forefront of EMF, RF, optical and laser safety, and has been providing advice for over 35 years to clients representing all the major industry sectors. Supported by leading scientists who have developed state of the art assessment techniques, you can be sure you are getting sound advice.

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UKHSA has many years experience in radiation protection, and has been at the forefront of advances in non-ionising radiation (NIR) safety since 1974. In addition to our statutory role to provide advice to Government, we also provide a wide range of assessments, advice and training courses to our clients. UKHSA has staff expert in assessing hazards from laser, optical, microwave, radio frequency and electromagnetic sources. As our commercial services are supported by specialist research departments UKHSA is ideally placed to provide the best advice and practical solutions to all users of non-ionising radiation.

  • Leading providerAs the government agency responsible for establishing safe exposures, we are at the forefront of laser safety providing advice and training to thousands of customers.
  • Comprehensive adviceExpert guidance on the entire electromagnetic spectrum, be it high frequency RF fields, power distribution, broadband optical equipment or specialist laser systems.
  • Delivered by specialists UKHSA makes a significant investment in its people and prides itself that this is repaid in the quality of the service it delivers.

  • Product developmentWork with clients in the Research and Development sector to help them ensure that products are safe prior to release on to the market.
  • Compliance and reassurance surveysCompliance surveys ensure that equipment is safe and can give occupants peace of mind.
  • ConsultancyEMF and Optical safety assistance and assessment to guide which equipment and areas are safe and which are not.

  • Base station audits and assessmentsProvide detailed information required to proceed to design and development with confidence and advise on ICNIRP Certification.
  • Sub-station and power Line AuditsDetermine the extent of electric and magnetic fields emitted by power distribution equipment when designing new commercial or residential development.
  • EMF Field MappingDetermine field emission boundaries both using sophisticated software and through systematic measurements.

  • ComplianceReview and advise on the use of Class 3B and Class 4 lasers and intense pulse light (IPL) systems and regulatory compliance.
  • CustomersIndustry sectors including government bodies to manufacturers, utilities, education, services and construction
  • TrainingWe run courses to raise awareness of laser safety courses all presented by our Laser Protection Advisers across the country.