UKHSA's Instrument Testing Service provides high quality instrument testing service for periodic testing and test before first use of a wide variety of monitors including dose-rate monitors, contamination monitors and active personal dose-meters.

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We offer a high quality instrument testing service providing tests in compliance with the Ionising Radiations Regulations and recognised good practice. Due to our comprehensive facilities we can also provide development and type-test services. We are able to assist in the design of bespoke monitoring systems for specific applications.

UKHSA has many years of experience in radiation protection and provides advice to thousands of customers representing all the major industry sectors as well as to users in the fields of education, research and medicine. UKHSA is at the very forefront of research into the effects of ionising radiation and liaises closely with regulatory bodies on any changes in the legislation. Organisations using our instrument testing service can be assured that the tests satisfy regulatory requirements and comply with national guidance and best practice.

  • Leading providerAs the UK's primary authority on radiation protection, we provide advice to thousands of customers representing all the major industry sectors, education, research and medicine.
  • Expert staffOur experts have in-depth knowledge, practical expertise and experience of a wide range of radiation protection instrumentation in the workplace.
  • Extensive facilitiesFrom gamma, beta dose rate, neutron and x-ray facilities to Radon calibration and environmental chambers.
  • Regulatory testingHigh quality, fast turn-round regulatory testing and repair on an extensive range of radiological instrumentation.
  • Type-Test and Developmentassist manufacturers, importers and end-users in demonstrating that equipment satisfies International Electro-technical Commission (IEC) and other major international bodies.
  • TrainingWe run courses to raise awareness of the regulatory requirements as well as national and international standards relating to radiological protection instrumentation.
  • Traceability and ComplianceAll reference radiation fields that are generated within our facilities are to recognised international standards.
  • UKAS AccreditationHigh quality QA system to ensure the validity of all calibration and testing activities and to maintain the facility's reputation as an authoritative source of such work.
  • Ionising Radiation Instrumentation Specialists (IRIS)Testing staff are IRIS accredited - a specialist certificate accredited by RPA2000