Keith has over 20 years' experience in radiation protection, specialising in emergency planning, exercises, response and recovery. Over the years, Keith has been involved in software design and development, environmental modelling, particularly in the area of atmospheric dispersion, and delivery of training courses and workshops. He has contributed to the development of various emergency response resources, e.g. SEER (Spreadsheets of Early Emergency Response), EXIGEN (exercise information generation software), and versions of the UK Recovery Handbook for Radiation incidents. He contributed to the development of a dose assessment methodology and calculation of reference values included in UK legislation: Radiation (Emergency Preparedness and Public Information) Regulations, 2019. Keith is a member of the Joint Agency Modelling (JAM) Working Group alongside colleagues from Met Office, Office for Nuclear Regulation, the environment and food standards agencies, and UK nuclear site operators. In the event of an unplanned atmospheric release of radioactive material from a UK nuclear installation or from overseas, JAM provides impact assessments and consensus guidance to strategic decision-makers in UK Government.