Wayne has over 20 years' experience in radiological impact assessments with a focus on assessing the impact from radionuclides present in land from past industrial activities, to which end he developed UKHSA's contaminated land assessment model. Wayne also has experience in undertaking radiological impact assessments of routine releases of radioactivity to the environment using PC CREAM 08 and he is part of the team that developed AMRaDS, the UKHSA tool used to assess the radiological impact of discharging liquid waste to sewers. He is the principal author of the latest publication by UKHSA which assessed the radiological impact to the UK population from all sources of radiation. Wayne is an assessor on the Contaminants Working Group of the UK's Committee On Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment (COMARE), a member of the Sellafield Particles Working Group, and a member of the Practitioner Group on the Impact of Radioactivity in the Environment (PGIRE) and its predecessor, the National Dose Assessments Working Group (NDAWG).