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UKHSA has applied its extensive experience of radiation protection and laser safety research to offer a comprehensive range of industry leading Non-Ionising Radiation (NIR) safety training courses.

Our courses are taught to a very high standard. Learning is further supported by modern training venues and printed course information. Everything is done to give students a detailed understanding and competency in the skills being taught.

With regular breaks and an excellent buffet lunch there is plenty of time to network with radiation protection professionals at all levels from a very wide range of industries and organisations.

Upcoming Courses

22-26 Jul 2024 5 days Loughborough University
£ 3,000 Details  Contact Us
10-11 Sep 2024 2 days Loughborough University
£ 700 Details  Book
10 Sep 2024 1 day Loughborough University
£ 225 Details  Book
30 Sep 2024 to 4 Oct 2024 5 days Loughborough University
£ 3,000 Details  Book
26-27 Nov 2024 2 days Loughborough University
£ 1,225 Details  Book

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Toolbox Talks
Toolkit Talks are a set of presentation slides and notes that are designed to raise awareness of laser radiation that is used in your workplace. They are to be used by the or Laser Protection Officer (LPO) who will have already receive relevant training, which we can also offer.
Deadline for bookings and payments is one month before the course