Toolbox Talks

Toolkit Talks are a set of presentation slides and notes that are designed to raise awareness of laser radiation that is used in your workplace. They are to be used by the or Laser Protection Officer (LPO) who will have already receive relevant training, which we can also offer.

Each set of presentations is designed to allow you to add your own company logo, your own images of the equipment that you use and the details of your LPO and LPA. You may add your own slides that may be relevant to your company and reproduce the information for your use in your company. Each presentation contains diagrams and explanations with, presenter notes that help prompt the LPO to highlight key learning points. The presenter notes are designed to help the LPO ask guiding questions during the presentation and encourage critical thinking. The Toolkit Talk can form part of the records kept by the LPO to demonstrate awareness training that employees receive about the presence of laser radiation, even if they do not work directly with it.

Before purchasing, you will need to fill in an enquiry form, for further information, so that one of our team can review your needs and recommend the most appropriate Toolkit Talk for you. Each Toolkit Talk costs £895 including VAT. For this you will receive electronic copies of the presentation and accompanying presenter notes.

The Toolkit Talk that is currently available is.

Laser awareness

To purchase a toolkit, please use the 'contact us' link to request a Toolkit and one of our team will be in contact with you. Other Toolkit are available and you can view these by browsing our Radiation Safety Training for the Workplace web page Radiation Protection Services - Radiation Safety Training for the Workplace (RPT) (