PC-CREAM®; Software Suite

PC-CREAM 08®; is a complex model that is divided into several parts for ease of use. The main division of the program is into 'Models' and 'ASSESSOR'.

ASSESSOR: The assessment program, forms the pivotal dose assessment role within the system
Model: PLUME Calculates activity concentrations in air, deposition rates and external gamma dose rates from radionuclides in the cloud (cloud gamma) at various distances downwind of the release point.
Model: RESUS Can be used to estimate activity concentrations in air arising from the resuspension of previously deposited radionuclides.
Model: GRANIS Models the transfer of radionuclides through the soil and takes into account the shielding properties of the soil when estimating external gamma doses one metre above the soil surface.
Model: FARMLAND A suite of models that can be used to predict the transfer of radionuclides into terrestrial foods following deposition onto the ground.
Model: DORIS can be used to predict the activity concentrations in sea water, sediments and marine biota for user-defined discharge rates.
Model: River models The Screening model is a simple dilution model which assumes instantaneous equilibrium between the water and river sediments and should be used as a screening tool. The Dynamic model can be used which is a time dependent compartment model and requires a greater amount of input data to run.

For more in-depth information see HPA-RPD-058 - The Methodology for Assessing the Radiological Consequences of Routine Releases of Radionuclides to the Environment Used in PC-CREAM 08


The design of PC-CREAM 08®; is significantly different to that of PC-CREAM 98®; and therefore the format of the input data is not compatible between the two systems. Results from PC-CREAM 08®; can be written to '.csv' files for input into spreadsheet packages such as Microsoft Excel®;.

System Requirements

  • PC under Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 operating systems and a recommended processor Pentium (R) 4, 2.8GHz and 512MB RAM or higher
  • A CD ROM drive (unless software is downloaded from this site)
  • A mouse (or equivalent)

PC-CREAM 08®; requires 60 MB disc space for installation. Please note that the database size can increase quickly and therefore at least 100 MB of disc space is recommended.

Online Services and Support

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  • Web-based and telephone support with web-based logging
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Developed by PHE

The development of PC-CREAM 08®; was carried out by the UKHSA (previously PHE & HPA) with permission from the European Commission, DG TREN H4 (Radiation Protection)